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Many people wonder before making a Leapfrog purchase how many titles are there for the specific systems. The answer varying greatly depending on which system is being considered. Titles for specific systems range from a couple dozen to over 300.

The Leapfrog Leapster family of systems was one of the first truly electronic handheld gaming systems released by the company. The L-Max started it off; it was followed by the original Leapster and then the Leapster 2. Because these systems were created before internet access was popular on handheld devices Leapster 2 games do not have online connectivity for downloadable games and apps. However, between the three Leapster units that were released there are around 100 titles available for purchase. The cartridges are compatible with all three systems. The games are color coded a blue/purple color; the color is most like a periwinkle. Any game in this color will work on any of these three systems.

Leappad games are a bright green in color. These games will work on: Leappad 1 (otherwise known as the original LeapPad), LeapPad 2, Ultra LeapPad, Leapster Explorer, and Leapster GS. In addition to the physical cartridges, most titles are also available for digital download. Around 150 apps are also available to download for these systems. They range from free to around $20.00 which is the cost of a game.

Games target a specific age range, such as 3-5 or 4-7. While not gender specific in nature, many feature favorite characters such as Minnie Mouse or Spiderman. Each game is targeted at one school subject, such as math or reading. The newer systems allow for the parent or caregiver to see the answers the child gave on Leapfrog’s Connect part of their website.

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